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Forecast: Continued Unexpected Mindfulness Lessons

Our December 4th mindfulness class and retreat had to be canceled due to the arrival of ten inches of snow. While we weren’t able to gather for group mindfulness work, when I sent out the cancelation email early that morning I encouraged students to practice mindfulness with the snowstorm: This is our first snowfall of
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The 800-pound Gorilla in Our Mind

Coming to mindfulness brings many realizations, the most obvious being that our minds are pretty busy. Thoughts and memories, random emotions and remnant scraps of old events or hurtful comments – ours and others – echo loudly when we come to sit quietly. Meditation teachers often describe this mental background noise as the “chattering monkey
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RoundRiver Institute LLC

Wisconsin naturalist Aldo Leopld once wrote of Paul Bunyan's mythical RoundRiver. After toppling the big trees, old Paul would roll them into Round River, which of course flowed in a big circle. Leopold knew a fitting metaphor when he saw one. How, he pondered, would we treat the land if we knew that - like Round River - what is done to the land eventually circles back on us.

This extends beyond the environment. When we look deeply, we find no matter the issue or problem - from economics to education - all things are linked to everything else. Our world is woven of subtle interconnecting systems of relationships and works best when those systems are honored. The work of the RoundRiver Institute LLC is to seek out and celebrate those connections in a variety of fields from complimentary health and education to spiritual growth, business the arts and community building.